Hot Chocolate

Hi Everybody

Hope you are all having a lovely week, today I am sharing with you my way to make the perfect hot chocolate. Hope your enjoy xxxunnamed-3.jpeg

Obviously firstly you would need to boil the kettle and then I put about 1 – 2 table spoon of hot chocolate powder into my cup depending on what size it is and then the secret ingredient is to add about 1/2 – 1/4  teaspoon of instant coffee which adds a bit extra flavour. Then I fill the cup about 1/2 way with the boiled water. unnamed-13.jpegunnamed-12.jpegThen using a milk frothed  I fill the rest of the cup up with the amazing warm and frothy milk and sprinkle over some more hot chocolate powder which adds a professional touch, also what else is more delicious then scooping off the top of a frothy hot chocolate (having a timtam with your hot chocolate is probably more delicious then that).


Then all thats left to do is sit, relax and read through some magazines, watch some youtube or read some blogs. I love coming home from a cold afternoon and gathering all my blankets then sitting on the couch with a hot chocolate and relax.

Also I can’t believe it already time for the march-calendar-2017, the time has gone so fast, before we know it, it will be time for the December one. And for me March will be the end of summer and will be going into Autumm which I am excited for but also sad to say goodbye to summer.

Hope you have enjoyed this post and I would love to hear your special tips and tricks for making hot chocolates in the comments below and if there is anything else you would like to suggest I would love to hear.

Thanks xx




Hi Everyone

Hope you are all well, today I am sharing my favourite colouring books as you may have noticed by now. Also I have just joined bloglovin and twitter so you can fine me there at bloglovin  @awhiterabbitblog and twitter @awhiterabbitblg I would really appreciate that, now lets get on with this blog post.

oG3mU.jpeg9Q79Q.jpegFirst of all I would like to mention that these colouring in books are the most beautiful books I have ever laid my eyes on. All of the images are so beautiful and some pages have blank gaps allowing you to personalise your colouring and let your creativity flow. I also love that some pages have small statements which can help to colour in your page.

This is one of my colourings I have done, I love that you are able to either colour inside the lines small fine lines or in chunks like I have done here to create an ombre look.DSCF5913.JPGDSCF5890.JPGThese colouring in books are by Millie Marotta and they are the Animal Kingdom and Tropical Wonderland. They both have amazing illustrations that I enjoy colouring in using pencils and a gold gel pen whilst listening to music. Because the images have so much detail to them I do struggle to finnish colouring them in and some times I end up feeling sick (I think its because I concentrate too hard haha), but I believe it is worth it once you finnish and get to look at an amazing piece of art. The only Flaw to these colouring in books is that you cannot use texts or fine liners because they images are printed double sided and the paper is not thick enough so it goes through the pages which is so annoying but I think it looks nice in pencil anyway, but if you did want to spend some extra money you can also purchase the deluxe edition which has a hard cover, thicker paper and is not printed double sided, unfortunately I did not know about until I had already purchase them : ( . I think that they make for a really great present either to someone who has lots of patients and into art or some one who has lots of spare time.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, comment down below what you thought and if you have any ideas for future posts that you would like.

Thanks for reading  xxx