Hello everyone

Who doesn’t love Lush, every time I walk past I can’t control my self to not go in, I am obsessed with the wonderful aroma that fills the air in the shop. I love when you are walking around town and you can smell that ‘Lush’ scent.

So here are a few of my recent Lush products that I have been enjoying



The first product that I have absolutely been loving is the Breath Of Fresh Air toner water. I enjoy using this just as I am about to get out of bed so it wake me up. This toner has a lovely refreshing scent of the ocean and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean.


Next up we have my favourite product of Lush’s their bath bombs.  I enjoy using bath bombs in the evening with some candles lit and watching some youtube. This is the Dragons Egg Bath bomb which has my favourite scent. It smells of citrus and bergamot and leaves you feeling uplifted and refreshed.


The next products I have to share came in a Tutti fruity gift pack, which had the most cutes wrapping. The first is the Yuzu and Cocoa shower cream, Yuzu is a citrus that originate in Asia so it has a jaffa kind of smell. The second product is the Miranda soap, which contains Kiwi fruit and citrus oils (it smells amazing). I like to use both of these products in the shower and they leave me with bright and happy skin.



I really hope you have enjoyed this post and are all having a lovely day xx


Watercolour Cards

Hi everyone

Welcome to my Blog

I have decided to start this Blog as I have a passion for all things arts and crafts (also baking) and I would love to share my creativity with you. I hope to one day also do some beauty and fashion posts. 

I thought it would be a great idea to kick it off with some water coloured Birthday Cards since we all know someone who will be having a birthday sometime. It is a cheap and inexpensive craft that I’m sure your friends and family would love to receive. I think there is something special about giving or receiving a hand made card so here are some ideas. 

P9210148.pngFirstly I got a painting pallet and squirted some of my water based paints into each section, then added a few drops of water and mixed it in well. Then traced a circle onto a piece of paper folded in half.


Next I began to use a small brush and placed some flowers around the circle outline, A little tip is also to make the flowers a bit further away from the outline so the wreath looks thicker.


Then I drew in some leaves and stems for the flowers and make sure you connect each flower to a stem so it looks realistic. I also added a few yellow and red dots to make it look a bit cute. 



Then all thats left to do is to write your special message, I went with Happy Birthday but you could always make it a bit more personal and write a special message. You could also make these cards into Thank You, Congratulation or Happy Anniversary cards. 



Hope you enjoyed this post, If you have things you would like me to make or some ideas you would like to share or have some feedback please comment below I would love to hear what you think. 

Thanks xx